The Chair of the Bashkir literature until 1917


 The Head of the Chair,

Doctor of Science, Professor

Kunafin Giniyatulla Safiullovich


The scientific work of the chair is focused on the history and the theory of the literature from ancient times until 1917, the problems of east-Bashkir literature and folklore ties, textual study, the formation and the development of various forms of the Bashkir literary art   (folklore, oral and written literature)

Much prominence is given to the formation and development of various creative methods, forms of literature, genre system and stylistic forms. Other fields of the chair are: methodic problems of Bashkir literature teaching, monographic study of prominent writers’ life and work, gathering, systematization and textologic processing of manuscripts and books published before 18th century and putting them into scientific operation, compiling the chronicles of the literature in Bashkortostan dating back from the ancient times until 1917.

Nowadays the chair is staffed by 2 doctors of science, professors (G. S. Kunafin, M. Kh. Idelbayev), 3 candidates of science, associate professors (Z. G. Mourzagulova, N. D. Iskoujina, F. R. Salavatova). The fact that one of our lecturers is the academician of the International Turkic Academy, two are awarded with such titles as  «Honoured Worker of Science of the Republic of Bashkortostan»,  «Honoured Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation», «Honoured Worker of Public Education of Bashkortostan»

Professors G.S. Kunafin and M. Kh. Idelbaev are members of the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

There are post-graduate courses and post-graduate doctoral courses on the faculty specializing on the Bashkir literature. Two of the lecturers are the Members  Scientific Council for the Doctor of Science and Candidate of Science theses defense.

Some members of the chair took part in compiling the 6 volumes of “The History of the Bashkir Literature”, and are the authors and co-authors of university and school text-books, tutorials and methodic guides.

The most prominent indicator of the high methodic and scientific research level of any university is the regular release of collected articles. From 2001 collected scientific articles called “Literary legacy. Folklore. Textual study” are systematically released a in the Chair being popular among philologists, historians, philosophers, doctoral candidates, post-graduates of the RB, Russia and the CIS. In the period of 2001-2009 4 collections were released. These days it has got the all-Russian and international status.

The results of the research are successfully used in teaching the subjects “The Bashkir oral literature”, “The Bashkir literature of ancient and medieval centuries”, “The Bashkir literature of the XIX century”, “The Bashkir literature of the early XX century”, “The essentials of the textual study”, “The Bashkir literature teaching methodology”, “The bashkir literature from ancient times till 1917”, “The history of the literature of the CIS peoples”, “The literature of the east”

Nowadays the Chair works on releasing university workbooks and reading books on these key subjects.

The Chair members give lectures on special courses. The development of new special courses is also one of the chief tasks of the staff. All the key subjects and special courses are equipped with the appropriate programs and methodic guides.