The Chair of Information Technology

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Head of the Chair - Professor A.M.Bolotnov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics
The Chair of Information Technology evolved from the interfaculty Chair of New Information Technologies established in 1996 at the University Internet Centre. The latter was headed by Prof. V.I. Starikov (1996-2000), Prof. F.M. Galiaskarov (2000-2005), Prof. A.M.Bolotnov (2005-2006). In November 15, 2006 it was transformed to the Chair of Information Technology at the Mathematical Faculty.
Main Research Areas
1. Development, optimization and teaching use of information technology and information science.
2. Computer modelling and numerical simulation of physical fields in complex electrochemical and technological systems
Teaching Work Aspects
The Chair’s range of subjects includes the following courses offered at scientific and Arts faculties of BSU:
  • Modern Office Technologies
  • Programming Systems
  • Mathematical Symbolic Calculation Packages
  • Theory and Practice of Parallel Computing
  • Information Technology Security
  • Computer Network Technologies
  • Internet Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Parallel Computing
  • Information Technology
  • Information Science
  • New Information Systems
  • Algorithmical Languages and Programming
  • Telecommunication Technology
  • Computer Technologies in Teaching Languages
The Chair’s staff take an active part in international and all-Russian conferences, publish their works.