The Chair of Mathematical Modelling

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Head of the Chair - Professor S.I. Spivak, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Honoured Scientific Worker of Bashkortostan

The Chair of Mathematical Modelling was set up as a division of the Mathematical Faculty in 1977. Its first head was Prof. S.Y. Ruderman (at present - Professor of Calculus Mathematics and Cybernetics Chair of Ufa State Aviation Technical University). Since 1986 the Chair has been headed by Professor S.I. Spivak.
Main Research Areas
  • Mathematical modelling and optimizing of complex chemical processes
  • Financial and actuarial mathematics
  • Mathematical modeling at the financial market
  • Medical insurance modelling
  • Random process modelling
  • Financial statistics and mathematical methods in economics
The Chair fulfils its research in close cooperation with different institutes of the Academy of Sciences, chemical and petrochemical plants and financial organizations of the Republic. A department of Russian Actuarial Society functions at the Chair. The staff members participate in Russian and international projects, maintain scientific links with the Government Actuarial Department of Great Britain, London Actuarial Institute, actuarial departments of British and American universities and also with a number of universities of Germany, Israel, Turkey and former USSR republics.
The Chair’s staff take an active part in international and all-Russian conferences of highest levels. The results of research work are reflected in regular publications both in Russia and abroad. The Chair offers postgraduate and doctoral courses. 4 Doctoral and 26 Candidate theses have been written in the last ten years. An Ufa municipal seminar on applied mathematics and a scientific seminar on financial mathematics are functioning under the aegis of the Chair.