Discover BashSU

Bashkir State University is a shining example of a classical higher education establishment, and classical education has always been of value under any conditions. People who have received good classical education will be able to realize themselves equally in science, business or state service. It is more so for our University does not rest on its laurels, but is constantly developing, which means it introduces new prospective majors, increases the size of its educational and laboratory areas, introduces new technologies.
For over 100 years Bashkir State University has been training highly qualified professionals for various branches of economy. Our University graduates work successfully not only in the Republic of Bashkortostan, but all over Russia and in a lot of foreign countries. For most employers a BashSU diploma is a serious argument when considering potential employees, and this is the best proof of the high education quality provided by the University. First and foremost, it should be credited to the university teachers, for over long years BashSU has managed to build a team of professionals enthusiastically sharing their knowledge with students. This team is constantly renewed, young and talented people who are sensitive to new trends and able to think along innovation lines are coming to teach at the University.
Over the last few years Bashkir State University has become a large center for postgraduate studies which provides for successful operating of postgraduate courses in 56 scientific majors and doctoral courses in 8 scientific majors. There are 10 doctoral and 3 candidate dissertation councils which are responsible for defense and awarding academic degrees in 23 majors.
Bashkir State University provides opportunities not only to receive quality knowledge and master professional skills, but also to live a bright, exciting and active life. In a way that current BashSU students do who are members of numerous creative teams and student associations.