Faculty of Geography

Dean: A.F. Nigmatullin, Candidate of Geography, Associate Professor
The Faculty of Geography trains geographers and geologists. Geographes are instructed in such specialities as Geography, Economic and Social Geography, Hydrology, Wildlife Management and Geoecology, Tourism, Local Geography Study and Ecological Tourism. Geologists are trained in General Geology.
At present 39 staff members work at the Faculty, among which there are 7 Doctors of Science, Professors, and 21 Candidates of Science, Senior Lecturers. Besides, 27 more specialists from the Republic’s various branches of economy take part in teaching, including one Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Geological Institute, 4 Doctors and 9 Candidates of Science, as well as 13 other highly skilled specialists – geographers, hydrologists, soil surveyors, ecologists, chemists, geodesist, hydrogeologists, meteorologists, and physicists.
The Faculty curriculum includes the study of a whole range of natural sciences, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Soil Science, Information Science, and also general subjects of the humanities: Psychology, Economics, Statistics, Philosophy, Foreign Languages, Russian etc. At present a progressive transfer to the system of Bachelors and Masters of Science is being successfully carried out, which allows the graduates to find jobs not only in Russia, but also abroad.
Student practical work is currently done in various regions of the Republic and involves such spheres as geological exploration, research and planning work, municipal and regional administration and so on. Lately the students’ practical activities have been carried out in the Altai Region, and exploring Turkey and Abkhazia is in prospect.
The Faculty fulfills scientific research in cooperation with Halle Geographical Institute (Germany) under the aegis of the Folkswagen Company.
The students of the Faculty make their contribution to the scientific periodical “Geosphere” which has been published since 2009 (number of copies: 100).
Young scientists take an active part in international, all-Russian, and regional conferences, symposiums, seminars, and student competitions.
On graduating the specialists in geography find their jobs in educational institutions, at the Ministry of National Resources of Bashkortostan, the Republican State Committee for Land and Resources Management, the Bashkir Hydrometeorological and Environment Management, Bashkir Wildlife Management Administration, various scientific and exploration organizations. The graduates are placed in a job in the Ministry of Natural Resources of Bashkortostan, the Bashkir Mineral Resources Agency, the Geological Institute of the Academy of Sciences, in industrial enterprises and research institutes.
The Faculty supervises the work of the Remote Earth Probe Centre at the BSU Technopark “Innovation Centre”. The Centre trains young specialists in the following areas:
  • Stocktaking and Monitoring of Oil and Gas Extraction and Transportation
  • Mineral Deposit Search and Prediction
  • Municipal Administration
  • Forest Management
  • Water Management
  • Landscape Structure, Natural Resources and Wildlife Management Investigation
  • Ecological Territory Exploration
  • Agriculture
  • Transport and Communication
  • Wildlife Management Legislation
  • 3D Modelling
The Centre also carries out crash course specialist instruction.