Faculty of public professions

Dean of Faculty of Social Professions:
Aliya Nailevna Samigullina
Address: Office 308, Main Building
32 Zaki Validi Street, Ufa 450074
Telephone: +7 347 273 66 74
The Faculty of Social Professions was established in 1966 and is part of the teaching and educational process and creates additional opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and master skills that will be necessary for them in their future professional activities, particularly in the field of teaching. The work of the Faculty of Social Professions represents one more form and way of the efficient organization of students’ leisure time. The prestige of any university is maintained by well-employed alumni who upon graduating often recollect their studentship that was full of events in non-school hours. So the Faculty of Social Professions gives a n opportunity to students of diversifying their leisure time by vocational classes at different departments and in different majors.
As part of their studies at the Faculty of Social Professions students go to theatres, concerts, city museums. The Faculty has had long-standing cooperation with the Opera and Ballet House and can purchase tickets at a discount. Students of the Faculty of Social Professions often go to Bashkir State Philharmonic Society and enjoy performances at choir concerts, in the organ hall, at theme concerts, i.e. at those events that give them a clear idea of the level of professional art in the Republic and get them acquainted with the classical repertoire and creative work of talented vocalists and musicians, in order to understand which one needs a certain level of knowledge and culture.
Since 2002 one of the priority directions in the work of the Faculty of Social Professions has been promotion of healthy lifestyle. 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students of all faculties and students of all departments of the Faculty of Social Professions listen to required courses of lectures on prevention of infectious and virus diseases, drug and alcohol addiction, and smoking, on eutrophy, the role of positive attitude to life and health-affecting psychological factors, the impact of pure water oh human health together with specialist from city medioprophylactic establishments. Together with the Department of Life and Environment Safety the Faculty takes part in annual Republican theoretical and practical conferences dedicated to environment and human safety in the modern world. This academic year the Faculty is planning to continue working along the designated lines.
In 2010 the Faculty of Social Professions admitted students of the Neftekamsk branch who perform in the people’s dance ensemble “Prikamye” and the vocal studio “Gloriya”.
Over the 45 years of its existence the Faculty of Social Professions has given thousands of students opportunities to acquire extra knowledge in the field of culture, art, tourism, the history of Bashkir culture and traditions, master skills of pedagogic, organisational, mass sports, cultural and educational work with children and youth, helped develop creative abilities and support students’ aspiration towards learning their native and foreign languages. About 50 types of courses have been offered by the Faculty since its establishment.