Further professional education

In accordance with License 000780 from February 12th, 2009 the BashSU Department of Further Education implements the following further education programs:
Professional development within the framework of the profile of the University and professional retraining programs in the following areas:
  • “Unified Program for Training Administrators”;
  • “Certification of Quality Management System for Compliance with GOST R ISO of the 9000 Series”;
  • “Valuation Activities”;
  • “Pawn and Purchasing Shops Management”;
  • “Counteraction against Legalizing (Laundering) Criminal Income and Financing Terrorism”;
  • “Mediation”;
  • “Methodology of Organizing Work for Prevention of Drug Addiction”.
Term of tuition: short-term courses – from 72 to 100 hours, medium-term courses – from 100 to 500 hours.
Upon finishing tuition listeners are given state-recognized documents.
Professional retraining within the framework of the profile of the University and professional retraining programs in the following areas:
  • “Enterprise (Business) Valuation”;
  • “Anti-crisis Management”;
  • “Psychology. Clinical Psychology”;
  • “Phytodesign in Development of Landscape”;
  • “System Programmer”;
  • “Documentation Studies and Documentation Support of Management”;
  • “Personnel Management”;
  • “Intercultural Communication and Translation”;
  • “Elective Law and Procedure”.
Term of tuition – from 500 to 1000 hours.
Upon finishing tuition a state-recognized diploma in professional retraining is issued which enables the person to work in the appropriate sphere.
Professional development for scientific and educational workers of educational establishments of professional education under the Russian Ministry of Education and Science in the following areas:
  • “Russia as a Democratic Federative State”;
  • “Physical Groundwork for Rational Use of Natural Resources”;
  • “Ecological and Analytical Monitoring”;
  • “Geophysical and Hydrodynamic Well Research”;
  • “Social and Medical Work for Improving Life Support Quality”;
  • “Information and Communication Technologies in Professional Activities of University Teachers of Foreign Languages”;
  • “Forming Elite Linguistic Personality and Its Competence in Linguoculturological Conception of Linguistic Education”;
  • “Population Ecology of Plants”. 
Term of tuition – 72 hours.
Upon finishing tuition a certificate in professional development is issued.
Professional training of unemployed citizens and advanced professional training of employees under the risk of discharge in the following areas:
  • “Small Business Manager”;
  • “Personal Computer Accounting 1S: Enterprise 8.0 Salaries and Personnel Management”;
  • “Personal Computer Accounting 1S: Accountancy 8.0”;
  • “Management (Organization Management)”.
Term of tuition – from 40 to 500 hours.
Upon finishing tuition a standard document is issued.
Center for administering state tests in Russian as a foreign language for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship for being admitted to the citizenship of the Russian Federation and for determining the level of foreign citizens’ qualification for active academic and professional work in Russian-speaking environment.
People having done well in their tests are given a state-recognized certificate.
Preparation courses for Candidate’s degree examinations in history and philosophy of science and foreign languages for degree seekers.
Term of tuition – from 40 to 60 hours.
Advanced courses in foreign languages for BashSU students and staff in the following areas:
  • “English”;
  • “French”;
  • “German”;
  • “Italian”;
  • ”Chinese”.
Term of tuition – 180 hours (4 semesters).
Upon finishing tuition a standard document is issued.
USE intense preparation courses with trial testing in the following areas:
  • Russian;
  • Literature;
  • Mathematics;
  • Social Science;
  • History;
  • Biology.
Term of tuition – 8 months and 5 months.
Master classes and short-term (from one day to five days) seminars on topical issues of the science and economy of the Republic of Bashkortostan.


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