History Department of Chemistry

In July 1957 Bashkir State University was opened on the basis of a pedagogical institute. The Faculty of Geography of the former pedagogical institute was transformed into the Faculty of Chemistry and Geography, whose first dean was the Candidate of Geography, Associate Professor Zaki Zakiyevich Valeyev.


The Bashkir State University Faculty of Chemistry began with the opening of the Department of Chemistry of the pedagogical institute. It was headed by the oldest Bashkir chemist, Associate Professor Ismagil Khaziakhmetovich Ishmukhametov. By the time the University was opened the Department of Chemistry had been employing A.A. Marakayev, N.V. Urazmetova, Z.M. Makarimova, S.F. Zulkarnayeva, Ye.P. Subbotina, Ye.G. Krivonogova, A.N. Minlibayeva and M.A. Botkin.


The Faculty of Chemistry was created when chemical achievements were being introduced into practice, which provided a powerful production force facilitating industrial development in the Republic of Bashkortostan. A body of highly qualified teachers was required for training professionals for rapidly developing petrochemical industry. Specialists from various scientific centres of the country (Moscow, Kazan, Saratov, Rostov, Perm, Latvian Universities, USSR Academy of Sciences) were invited to teach at the University, including Associate Professors B.V. Aivazov, M.N. Nurgaliyeva, Yu.V. Svetkin, S.M. Petrov, Professors K.S. Minsker, Ye.F. Zhuravlyov, Ye.T. Denisov and young postgraduate alumni Ye.S. Kruchkova, N.A. Akmanova, A.L. Andreyeva, O.D. Akimova, L.B. Reznik, L.D. Sokolova, D.V. Kazachenko, V.S. Martemyanov, A.Ya. Gerchikov, V.P. Malinskaya, A.G. Giniatullina, I.F. Zhurenko, L.M. Lapkin, A.A. Panasenko. In 1965 postgraduate alumni of the Bashkir State University Faculty of Chemistry started joining the ranks of the teaching staff of the departments. At the moment they form the majority of the professional and teaching staff.


If formation of currently operating departments of the Faculty is traced in its historical aspect it can be said that they were established in the period of 1960-1969. Later on these departments were mostly reorganized and some new departments appeared.


In 1960 the Department of Chemistry served as a basis for creating the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry (headed by Associate Professor B.V. Aivazov) and the Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry (headed by Associate Professor Yu.V. Svetkin).


Currently considerable effort is being made to improve the organization of the Faculty of Chemistry, material and technical facilities for the department are being created, scientific schools are being formed, pedagogical traditions are appearing.


On February 13, 1963 the Faculty of Chemistry achieved independent status. Its first dean was Associate Professor S.M. Petrov who was a physicist and chemist of encyclopaedic knowledge and a teacher who raised the qualification standards for students and their level of knowledge. He remained at that post until 1968.


At different times different people held the post of the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, including Associate Professor Yu.V. Svetkin (1968-1970), Associate Professor L.B. Reznik (1970-1975), Associate Professor M.N. Nurgaliyeva (1975-1979), Associate Professor F.Kh. Kudasheva (1979-1987), Professor M.I. Abdullin (1987-1989) and Professor V.N. Maistrenko (1990-1993). In 1993-2002 the Faculty was headed by Professor Yu.A. Prochukhan. From 2002 to 2010 the post of the Dean was held by Professor A.Ya. Gerchikov. Currently the post of the Dean is held by R.M. Akhmetkhanov.