History Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies

The history of the Mathematical Faculty (now the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology) dates back to 1909, to the first days of the University.
The subject of mathematics has always been one of the basic disciplines in training teachers. The Faculty was founded before the Second World War and consisted of two departments: mathematical and physical ones. In 1935-1949 it was headed by S.G. Khashaev. Among those who came to teach students when the war ended were S.M. Nazarov (started his career as an assistant lecturer in mathematical analysis and had worked till 1980), M. B. Gelfand, A.V. Burzyantseva, V.S. Suleimanov. The son of the latter, R.V. Suleimanov, had worked at the Faculty most of his life, was a famous sportsman, Olympic bronze medallist in shooting.
Z.I. Biglov who had participated in the Great Patriotic War from beginning to end, had worked as Dean for many years. He got his Candidate’s degree for the study of differential equations and spectral theory, the topics which soon became the basic research field of the Chair. He was the first to take the post of Dean of the Mathematical Faculty, which happened when the latter was divided into mathematical and physical departments. Owing to his work the Faculty gradually acquired a truly university status, officially conferred to it in 1957. As a result, many postgraduates of the Faculty were sent to other universities of the country, for instance, M.G. Gimadislamov, A.F. Klementev, E.G. Neifeld, K.K. Murtazin, I.I. Golichev, V.A. Yurev, U.V. Ignatev, G.P. Smirnov, S.S. Syutyushev, G.V. Ulina, and L.I. Rubinshtein who was the first Professor of the Faculty and some other well-qualified specialists.
At that time the Faculty was divided into its Chairs: that of Mathematical Analysis (headed by Z.I. Biglov) and the Chair of Higher Algebra and Geometry (headed by N.M. Baraboshin). Other prominent Heads of these Chairs were A.K. Khashaev, I.G. Frolova, G.I. Zhotikov, S.B. Ablyaminov, Y.N. Frolov. It is of note that one of the members of the Chair of Higher Algebra and Geometry, V.G. Drinfeld has discovered and developed the Quantum Group Theory, for which work he has been awarded the Fields medal that is regarded as an equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the sphere of mathematics.
Seven scientists have been Deans of the Faculty: Z.I. Biglov (1972-1982), Y.T. Sultanaev (1982-1984, 1989-2004), V.A. Yurev (1984-1989), two former students of Y.T. Sultanaev – N.F. Valeev (2004-2006) and A.M. Akhtyamov (2006-2008), T.G. Amangildin (2008-2010), Z.Y. Fazullin.
At present 689 students are studying at the Faculty, 522 of which are budget paid (including 96 undergraduates) and 167 are commercial form students.
The Faculty annually teaches 8-, 5-, and 3-month preparatory mathematical courses for 150-200 applicants. Every year 15-20 lecturers of the Faculty take part in organizing republican and municipal mathematical contests, 2 or 3 winners in which are enrolled on the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology.
The postgraduate courses of the Faculty:
01.01.01   Mathematical Analysis
01.01.02   Differential Equations
01.01.07 Calculus Mathematics
05.13.18 Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes
08.00.13 Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics
01.01.05 Fluid, Gas, and Plasma Mechanics (Faculty of Physics)
The Faculty ranks first in the quality of teaching among all the University Faculties. New forms of teaching and control are regularly introduced here, such as interactive methods, business games, small groups, Internet work. Control methods include tests, intermediary attestation, accumulation assessment system. In 2007 the Faculty was in the lead in the number of research grants and budget projects fulfilled. Computer methods are actively employed in the teaching process. All the Faculty computers are connected to the local network and have access to the Internet. The Faculty’s supercomputer is available for research tasks and storing geoinformation maps.
More than 100 lectures and professors work at the Faculty, 54 of them have academic degrees (19 Doctors), 2 are Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences and 1 is its Full Member. A large number of staff members have been awarded official degrees and prizes, for example, Professor Leontev was awarded the degree of Honoured Scientific Worker of Bashkortostan, Orders of Labour Red Banner and October Revolution, won a State Prize in 1987, Prof. M.A. Ilgamov is a State Prize winner and a holder of the Orders of Friendship and Quality Mark, the Order “Second Class Patriotic Merit” has been awarded to V.V. Napalkov.
Students, postgraduates, and young scientists play an important role in the scientific life of the Faculty. Several students have been the prize-winners of the all-Russian Research Conference (Novosibirsk), the Potanin contest etc. O.A. Krivosheeva was awarded the prize of the 11-th all-Russian Moebius Contest in programming and economic information technology. Annual University Council grant, RB President’s and Leontev grants are awarded to students.
The Faculty is proud of its scientific achievements, such as the development of exponent series theory (A.F. Leontev), the theory of nonlinear dynamic interaction of construction elements with working media (M.A. Ilgamov), criteria of solving compression operators in analytical functional spaces (V.V. Napalkov, A.S. Krivosheev), creating mathematical models of controlling phase restricted heating processes (N.D. Morozkin), solution of the inverse Sturm–Liouville problem with nonpartitionable boundary conditions (Y.T. Sultanaev, A.M. Akhtyamov, V.A. Sadovnichy), solution of the spectrum asymptotics of singular nonhalfrestricted operators (V.A. Sultanaev), solution of the Erenprice Problem which has not been solved for 33 years (R.S. Yulmukhamedov), studies on spectral synthesis in the compression operator nucleus (R.S. Yulmukhamedov), solution of the problem of four virtual particles (K.K. Murtazin), development of the algorithm and programs of investigating potential fields of continual electrochemical systems (A.M. Bolotnov), solving the Paley Problem for functions of multiple variables and the Rubel-Taylor Problem in meromorphic functions of multiple variables which have not been solved completely for 30 years (B.N. Khabibullin), creation of new balayage method for investigating the distribution of zeroes in holomorphic functions (B.N. Khabibullin), making up methods of mathematical modeling and optimizing complex chemical and economic processes (S.I. Spivak), solution of the Polya Problem (A.M. Gaisin).
The studies of the Faculty staff members include a great many works that have been published in Russia and abroad. These are only some of them:
Leontev A.F. Exponent Series. Moscow, 1976
Leontev A.F. Polynomial and Exponent Series. Moscow, 1980
Leontev A.F. Exponent Series Generalizations. Moscow, 1981
Ilgamov M.A. Vibrations of Liquid or Gas Elastic Shells. Moscow, 1969
Ilgamov M.A. Statistic Problems of Hydroelasticity. Moscow, 1998
Dowell E.H., Ilgamov M.A. Studies in Nonlinear Aeroelasticity. New York-London-Tokyo, 1988
Napalkov V.V. Compression Equations in Multidimension Spaces. Moscow,1982
Baikov V.A., Zhiber A.V. Equations of Mathematical Physics. Moscow, 2003
Usmanov T.S., Spivak S.I., Usmanov S.M. Inverse Problems of Molecular and Mass Distribution Formation. Moscow, 2004
Murtazin K.K., Sadovnichy V.A. Spectral Analysis of the Multiparticle Shchrödinger Operator. Moscow, 1988
Akhtyamov A.M. Mathematics for Sociologists and Economists. Moscow, 2006
The above works have the status of textbooks since they are recommended for teaching students by the Ministry of Education and Science. Many of them have been awarded special prizes, such as the work by Akhtyamov A.M. “Mathematics for Sociologists and Economists” (a prize-winner in the Ministry of Education Contest of 2000 and in Best Scientific Book Competition of 2006).
The lecturers A.M. Gaisin and S.G Merzlyakov are the first winners of the Leontev Prize in Mathematics.
The Faculty scientists are recognized and highly respected in the international mathematical community. They are members of different foreign academies and institutes, for instance, M.A. Ilgamov is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (1982), of the Academy of Nonlinear Sciences (1993), of the International Oriental Oil Academy (1993), New York Academy (1996), S.I. Spivak is a member of London Actuarial Institute and heads its Department in Ufa, B.N Khabibullin is a member of the American Mathematical Society.
The Faculty has well-established scientific links with Russian and foreign scientists and universities, for instance with the University of Indiana, Princeton University, Duke University (the USA), Cambridge University (Britain), Halle University (Germany), Nun Aeronautical University (China), Bar-Ilan University (Israel), more than 20 Russian universities. Professors and lecturers of the Faculty have participated in numerous conferences held in the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland etc.
Thus, the Faculty Mathematics and Information Technology (the name given in 2010) is one of the oldest BSU departments with a long history and well-qualified teaching staff which plays an important role in the University academic life.