History of Geography Faculty

The Faculty of Geography is one of the oldest University departments. In Bashkortostan higher geographical education started at the Teachers Institute in 1909, was later developed in 1919 at the Public Education Institute, and then at Bashkir Teachers Training Institute and Bashkir State University. The Teachers Institute had a 3-level structure, including a geographical one. In 1917 the Public Education Institute established the National Geographical Department, transformed into the Biology and Geography Cycle in 1924.
In 1929 Ufa Public Education Institute was transformed into Bashkir State Teachers Training Institute named after K.A. Timiryazev. Instead of the cycles and departments it was decided to form Chairs, including that of Geography in charge of the Institute Director S.S. Abzanov.
In 1934 the Geographical Department and further on the Geographical Faculty was set up with N.I. Shuvalov as the Dean.
After the Second World War Bashkir State Teachers Training Institute already had 6 faculties, the Geographical one among them with 2 Chairs: in Physical Geography (headed by D.G. Ozhiganov) and in Economic Geography (headed by M.D. Maslov). The Institute graduates were placed in a job mainly in rural schools.
In 1951-1957 the Institute kept growing due to its students’ and, consequently, graduates’ number increase, higher lecturers’ qualification, better technical facilities (a meteorological station was built at the Faculty). In order to advance the lecturers’ scientific and pedagogical skills taking postgraduate courses of the leading universities and research institutes of the USSR became common practice.
In 1957 Bashkir State University was established on the basis of Bashkir State Teachers Training Institute, and it meant a new stage in the Geographical Faculty development. At present the Faculty trains specialists in Geography and Geology.
The Faculty has its own postgraduate courses and Candidate theses of the postgraduates are defended at the Academic Councils in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan etc. Since 1997 the Faculty has been offering undergraduate courses.
The Geographical Faculty was headed by the following Deans: Z.Z. Valiev (1957-1976), M.K. Valeev (1976-1981), M.F. Hismatov (1982-1983), E.S. Rodionov (1983-1988), P.N. Shvetsov (1998-2008), R.G. Safiullin (1998-2007), I.M. Yaparov (2007-2012), A.F. Nigmatullin (2012 until now).
In 1988-1992 the Faculty was called “Geography and Economics”. At that time two new specialities were introduced: “Economic and Social Planning” and “Economic and Labour Sociology” at the initiative of the University Council and Professors A.K. Makhmutov and K.N. Gizzatullin. In 1992 the economic specialities formed a separate Faculty of Economics.