Department of Life Safety and Environment Protection

Head of Department: Doctor of Biology, Professor Zemfira Akhmetovna Yangurazova

 The Department was established in 1985 on the basis of a course of medical training and civil defense. The founder and the first head of the Department is Professor, Doctor of Biology Z.A. Yangurazova.
Professional and teaching staff: 5 professors, Doctors of Sciences; 7 associate professors, Candidates of Sciences; senior lecturer; 3 assistant lecturers who are postgraduate students and degree seekers. In 2008 the staff were awarded a silver medal and a second-degree diploma at the XVIII International Specialized Exhibition for a series of learning publications in co-authorship with the staff of the Department of Quality Management.
The Department does research in the following areas: studying urgent public health problems in regions with developed industry and agriculture; problems of protecting atmospheric air, water resources, soil, vegetation. Considerable attention is paid to studying environmental aspects in regions with developed oil, gas, oil processing and petrochemical industries; substantiating clinicotoxicological and ecohygienic estimates of extreme chemical impacts. Professor M.A. Galiyev and Associate Professor G.S. Rashitova have worked out sanitary standards and regulations approved by the State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Inspectorate. The staff of the Department have designed 23 sanitary and hygienic MPC standards for water in reservoirs for household and community use.
            One of the research areas at the Department is analyzing students’ value attitude to health as a factor in overcoming destructive patterns of behavior. Active work is constantly performed aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle among students. Since 1995 there have been annual checks of health state of student youth with a view to organizing health groups and health school schemes. Since 2002 the Department has been organizing theoretical and practical student conferences dedicated to problems of youth safety and health in the modern world with the following publication of the proceedings.
           According to the order № 121 of the rector of the Bashkir State University in 23.07.2010 on the basis of the chair started to work the scientific-educational center "Ecologically secure technologies of development and transport of energy sources". The main purpose of which is preparing young specialists in the field of mechanics of multiphase media, development, and operation of oil and gas fields, quality management systems, environmental management systems, technologies of micro- and nanostructures and industrial safety.