Humanities foreign languages chair

Chair head

Candidate of Philology, associate professor

Mulyukova Zakira Badrtdinova

Interfaculty chair of foreign languages of the BSU was founded in 1982. Later it was divided into Humanities foreign languages chair and Sciences foreign languages chair.

In 1996 the former was reorganized and a new chair of Business English and translation of Law Institute was made. Candidate of philology, associate professor Mulyukova Z.B. leads the Humanities chair of foreign languages since1990. There are 5 candidates of philology, 5 senior professors, 10 assistant professors, who teaches practical courses of German, English and French languages here.

Our chair teaches at philology and history faculties, faculty of philosophy and sociology and Bashkir philology and journalism. We are subscribed to English and German newspapers. Also our chair annually publishes various teaching materials. These mainly are tests and methodic guidance for part-time students, texts and exercises, different textbooks. Senior professor V.N. Moskalyeva published “Business English” textbook. Associate professors Z.B. Mulyukova, G.F. Khakimova and L.O. Timoshenko also published various textbooks and dictionaries.


Our chair leads scientific work in the following fields: “Optimization of contents, system, form, methods and circumstances of foreign language teaching”, “Contrastive linguistics”. Professors take active part in interuniversity, republic, regional and international conferences. Humanities foreign languages chair and Sciences foreign languages chair organize science-practical conference “Lingvo-methodic problems of foreign language teaching in university”.