Natural Faculties Department of Foreign Languages


Address: 450076, Ufa, Z.Validi st., 32.

Tel: 8(347) 229-96-68


Head of the Department: Peshkova Natalya Petrovna, Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor.

Brief historical overview: The Department starts in 1982 caused by the division of general University foreign languages department into two independent: the one of foreign languages of Sciences school and the other of foreign languages of Arts (Humanities) school.

The basic directions of research work:

    The science and methodology theme currently worked out by the Department team is “Innovation strategies and techniques in teaching intercultural professional communication”. The Department is involved in investigating the academic subject “Research into psycholinguistics mechanisms of text comprehension and production with integration method of “counter text” and association procedure applied”.

    At present spoken professional and business communication is given priority among all types of speaking activity. Far from little emphasis is made on developing methodology materials on innovation techniques of teaching business writing communication. Textbooks and educational aids, methodology guides series for training varied aspects of intercultural communication are annually published (≈ 30-40 printer’s pages). The Department maintains the tradition of holding All-Russia Science and Methodology Conference “Linguistic Methods and Culture Science Problems in Language Communication Learning” with the proceedings collection published. Active contributors to scientific and methodology work at the Department are associate professors Vinogradova R.I., Salakhov R.A., Basyrova F.A., Kulyeva A.A., Smirnova Yu.P., Gordeeva O.N.; senior lecturers Afanasieva G.A., Akhmedova G.Kh., Popova V.N., Ibraeva G.Sh., Ishmuratova L.M., Nechaeva O.S., Rezun O.B., Khabutdinova L.Kh., Yuzlikbaeva D.Sh. Young teachers  Kuznetsova Ya.I., Titlova A.S., Davletova Ya.A., Kortunova E.V., Antipina O.P., Bikmaeva F.R. are successfully working at their theses on linguistics and problems of a foreign language teaching methods in higher school.

The mainstream of study and academic courses:

    The Department of foreign languages of science and technology school (1 Doctor of Philology, professor, 6 Candidates of Philology, associate professors schools, 11 senior lecturers, 4 teachers) practise teaching 3 foreign languages (English, German, French) as a general subject in the first and second years at university schools of Science and Technology (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and that of Chemical Engineering). They deliver optional classes (elective courses) for undergraduates in their third and fourth years at Institute of Physics and Technology. Similar courses are planned to set up for all the rest of university schools.

    The main objectives pursued at practical classes in foreign languages are to have undergraduates master minimum command of spoken communication, enable them to read authentic texts in their major for the necessary information and promote to developing skills and habits of performing various types of written communication.

     For graduate students studying foreign languages to take their Final State examination (graduates doing their Master’s degree course) and Candidate’s examination (postgraduates engaged in doing thesis in respective field) curriculums, syllabuses and textbook series, emphasizing the peculiarity of learning process under new conditions are designed.

    The graduates of Science and Technology University schools involved in learning a foreign language optionally in their third-fourth years, as well as those doing their Master’s Degree in second year annually defend their graduation papers and theses on major subjects in a foreign language.

    Nowadays the Department is establishing a tradition of holding student scientific and practical conferences in three languages dealing both with country study and professional problems.