The Department of Physical Education and Sport

The Department of Physical Education and Sport was established in 1947. From 1947 to 1968 the Department was headed by Iosif Dezenko, since 1968 – by Honoured Culture Worker of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Honoured Coach of the Russian Federation Vasily Krivoshein, since 1985 – by Candidate of Pedagogy Boris Martyanov, from 1989 to 2001 годы – by Yevgeny Klochkov, Honoured Physical Culture Worker of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Honoured Higher Professional Education Worker of the Russian Federation.
Since 2001 the Department has been headed by Vice-Chancellor for Social Issues, Professor, Honoured Physical Culture Worker of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Russian Federation, Honoured Higher Professional Education Worker of the Russian Federation, Honoured Russian Coach Sagit Aslayev.
The Department employs a total of 28 teachers, including 2 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, 9 Senior Lecturers, and 7 Assistant Lecturers. Three Honoured Physical Culture Workers of the Russian Federation, seven Honoured Physical Culture Workers of the Republic of Bashkortostan, two Honoured Russian Coaches, 1 Honoured Russian Master of Sports.
For organization of academic, methodological and mass sports and fitness work, the University has the following material facilities:
1. four-hall sports complex;
2. sports hall of the Institute of Law;
3. ski pavilion;
4. open sports grounds;
5. chess club in residence hall 1;
6. tourist club Vozrozhdeniye;
7. summer sports and fitness camp.
The Department of Physical Education and Sport is engaged in academic, scientific, methodological, sports and fitness activities.
For academic purposes students are divided into academic sections: main section, special section and sports section.
Students belonging to main and preparatory medical groups are admitted to the main section.
The sports section – academic groups studying specific sports – admits students who are physically and athletically fit and express wish to do one of the sports in which students are trained in the University.
The numerical composition of the groups is determined by a Chancellor’s order on the proposal of the Department taking into account sporting qualifications.
Students are physically educated through the use of various forms of academic and non-academic classes over the whole of their training period in University.
Academic classes take place in the form of theoretical, practical, test, elective practical classes (of choice), individual and individual group extra classes (consulting sessions), independent work with the tasks given by teachers and under their control.
Non-academic classes are organized in the form of doing physical exercise as part of academic regimen recreation events, doing physical activities in sports clubs, sections, interest groups, doing independent physical exercise, sports, tourism, taking part in mass health-improving, physical culture and sporting events.
Interconnection between various forms of academic and non-academic classes creates conditions that enable students to perform scientifically grounded amount of motor activity which is necessary for normal functioning of the organism and forming motivational and value attitude towards physical culture.
The content of instructional work includes organizing and administering academic classes and tests in accordance with state standards, instructional plans, educational process schedule, and the model Physical Culture curriculum approved by the State Higher Education Committee of the Russian Federation.
Theoretical, practical and test academic classes form the basis for student physical education, are provided for in instructional plans for every specialization area, and are included into the University’s academic schedule in the volume of no less than 408 hours over the whole training period.
Faculties are engaged in regular sports and fitness activities. Every Faculty has drawn up plans of physical culture and fitness events approved by the Dean’s Office and the Trade Union Section. Mass sporting events organized by the Faculties make it possible to identify the best sportsmen, who then take part in interfaculty contest between faculty teams.
Each year an interfaculty student contest in 8 sports is organized, in which all the Faculties take part and the total of participants amounts to over 2,000 people.
A sports contest between University’ professional and teaching staff and other employees is organized in the following sports: volleyball, table tennis, basketball, chess, darts.
The University organizes city, Republican and all-Russian competitions.
University sportsmen take active part in Republican and All-Russian competitions: 250 students took part in the “Nations Cross-Country Race” All-Russian Running Day in September 2010, and 100 students participated in the “Russian Ski Track” All-Russian Ski Race in February 2011. The University is responsible for organising annual mass Republican track and field run dedicated to the Republic Day, in which about 8,000 students take part.
Students of the University take active part in the Interuniversity Sports Contest between universities of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Prize-winning places have been taken in 11 out of 29 programs (boxing, kickboxing, basketball, kuresh wrestling, table tennis, powerlifting, swimming, shooting, weight lifting, chess). In the academic year of 2009-2010 the University took second prize-winning place by team rating.
Every year the University’s teaching staff takes part in the Zdorovye Sports Contest in 8 sports between universities of the Republic of Bashkortostan. This year BashSU teachers and staff took second place. The teachers did their level best in basketball  (2nd place), badminton (2nd place), volleyball (2nd place), chess (3rd place) and table tennis (3rd place), swimming (3rd place) and ski races (3rd place).
Over the past years considerable success has been scored by student sportsmen:
Gulnaz Gubaidullina, repeated world championship prize-winner, bronze medalist of the 1st Youth Olympic Games in modern pentathlon;
Ainur Shaibakov became European champion among students, European champion among young people under 25 in international chess, won European Confederations Cup in 2010, won 1st place as member of the Russian team in 2010 World Olympics;
Niyaz Faizullin – Russian champion, World champion among students, World Cup prize-winner in boxing;
Anzhela Ulyayeva won gold medal at the Russian Boxing Cup contest; Aleksei Burenin holds Russian Cup in skydiving and downhill skiing Nordic combination, twice world champion in classic skydiving.
Elvira Bayazitova won 2nd place in Russian short-track championship.
There are 2 participants of Winter Olympic Games studying at the University – European short-track champions Vyacheslav Kurginyan and Ruslan Zakharov.
The University is proud of its graduates, Olympic bronze medalists: Renart Suleimanov (bullet shooting), Pavel Muslimov, Maksim Chudov (biathlon), Andrei Cherkasov (tennis).
Absolute European winter biathlon champion Olga Vilukhina, Tatyana Zevakhina – twice world summer biathlon champion.

At present there are 6 international Masters of Sport, 37 Russian Masters of Sport and over 1,400 mass-rated sportsmen studying at the University.