Postgraduate and Doctoral School

 Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Courses

Address: Room 203a, 32 Zaki Validi Street, Ufa 450074, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation
Tel./fax: (347) 229-96-23
Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Work:
Doctor of Chemistry, Professor:
Rifkat Faatovich Talipov
(347) 272-61-05
Head of Postgraduate Courses:
Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Rimma Rifkhatovna Suleymanova
Engineer of the Department of Postgraduate Courses
Olga Aleksandrovna Tarasova
Technician of the Department of Postgraduate Courses –
Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Maksimova
Reception hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 9.00-18.00.
Wednesday, Friday – paperwork.
The Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Courses organizes and supervises the training of research and educational staff in the system of postgraduate professional education.
The Department of Postgraduate Courses supervises the time-frames for holding entrance examinations and examinations for the Candidate’s degree, is responsible for proper preparation of examination proceeding records and certificates of passing of examinations for the Candidate’s degree. The Department keeps record and supervises the work of postgraduates and degree-seeking students in accordance with their individual plans.
According to fixed time-limits the Department of Postgraduate Courses prepares orders and instructions related to:
  • applying for admission to postgraduate courses;
  • appointing members of the selection committee;
  • taking entrance exams;
  • accepting to postgraduate and doctoral courses;
  • organizing classes in the qualifying examination disciplines for the Candidate’s degree;
  • appointing members of the selection committee for qualifying examinations for the Candidate’s degree;
  • admitting to examinations;
  • finishing courses;
  • attestation and scholarship prolongation etc.
The Department of Postgraduate Courses is entitled to issue standard certificates of passing of an examination for the Candidate’s degree (on the basis of records of passing of examinations).
In its work the Department of Postgraduate Courses interacts with all the university departments, and this interaction is the closest with the departments which have postgraduate courses in corresponding special subjects.
In a three-month period individual plans for postgraduate students work and dissertation topics are approved at department sessions and submitted for approval by the University Academic Council. The departments assess postgraduates progress on an annual basis (extracts from department session proceedings related to postgraduates attestation are submitted to the Department of Postgraduate Courses by November 1), and pass resolutions for registering degree-seekers at the corresponding department for working on the candidate or doctoral dissertation. With the start of each new academic year the departments recommend qualified teachers for holding classes in foreign languages, history and philosophy of science, higher school psychology and pedagogy, information technologies in science and education and special disciplines for postgraduate and degree-seeking students. The departments plan the workload for postgraduate and degree-seeking students in accordance with current regulations and provide for the education process, develop lists of topics and class timetables related to corresponding curriculum disciplines for training postgraduate and degree-seeking students , prepare questions and examination cards for holding entrance examinations and examinations for the Candidate’s degree, and hold examinations for the Candidate’s degree and postgraduate courses entrance examinations in corresponding major subjects in fixed time-frames.
The scientific adviser holds a preliminary talk with those applying for postgraduate courses, reports on the results of the talk to the selection committee, checks the paper of the applicant for postgraduate courses in the corresponding major subject and compiles a written review. The scientific adviser helps the postgraduate student to choose a topic for their dissertation and work out their individual plan of academic work, and supervises its implementation.
The Heads of the Departments and scientific advisers who have postgraduate and degree-seeking students through a Chancellor’s order are directly responsible for the quality of postgraduate and degree-seeking students training. The Heads of the Departments are responsible for organizing postgraduate students work at the department, for timely implementation of individual plans, and for quality dissertation writing.
Persons having higher professional education are admitted to postgraduate courses on a competition basis. There are full-time (3 years) and extramural (4 years) postgraduate courses.
Bashkir State University postgraduate students are trained under the guidance of 167 scientific advisers, 151 of which have a Doctor’s degree, and 16 – a Candidate’s degree.