Sibai Branch Institute

Adress: 21 Belova Street, Sibai, 453833 Russian Federation
Phone: +7 34775 5-15-70, Fax: +7 34775 5-15-60
Head – Mr Zinnur Yarmukhametov
Sibai Institute (Branch of Bashkir State University) was set up through integrating the branches of Bashkir State University and Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute that functioned in the city form 1990 till 1993.
Today there are five faculties at the Institute:
  • Faculty of Law; Degrees: ‘Jurisprudence’, ‘History’
  • Faculty of Philology; Degrees: ‘Philology’ (majors: ‘English and the Bashkir Language and Literature’; ‘German and the Bashkir Language and Literature’, ‘The Bashkir Language and Literature’)
  • Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences; Degrees: ‘Applied Mathematics and IT’, ‘Biology’, ‘Physical Training’
  • Faculty of Pedagogy; Degrees: ‘Pedagogy and Psychology’, ‘Pedagogy and Methods of Teaching in Primary Education’, ‘Music Education’
  • Faculty of Economics; Degrees: ‘Accounting and Auditing’, ‘Organisational Management’, ‘Taxes and Taxation’
  • Faculty of Technology; Degree: ‘Technology and Entrepreneurship’.
There are 27 Departments within the Institute. 185 teachers are employed with the Institute: 107 of them hold doctorate and 10 hold higher doctorate degrees. The Institute actively collaborates with many Russian higher educational institutions. Under contracts with the leading Russian higher educational institutions, 27 professors with higher doctorate degrees deliver lectures to the students of the Institute. Today more there are more than 3000 full-time and 1700 distance learning students.
There are 3 libraries, 8 computer labs and several specialised laboratories for studies and research at the Institute. There are three Institute’s buildings, with lecture halls and rooms, staff’s offices, a museum, gyms, dance halls, a swimming pool, a massage parlour, a salt mine, a physiotherapy room.
The first graduation ceremony at the Faculty of Pedagogy took place in 1994. 4,000 people have received their degrees from the Institute.
All the 27 Departments and three laboratories at the Institute are engaged in basic and applied research on botany, population genetics, soil ecology, range ecology, plant introduction, mathematics, philosophy, jurisprudence, economic problems of the Ural region, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, history, physical training and sports, linguistics, teaching methods etc.