Student club

History of student's club
Student's club Bashgosuniversiteta is created in 1971.

The first director – Irik Nuretdinovich Ahmadiev (1971-1977). At student's club the ensemble of dance of "Irendyk" (Varlamov Ekaterina Nikolaevna's head), vokalno-tool ensemble "Collapse" and theater-studio "Grotesque" (head Baborykin Yaroslav Ivanovich, the director – Melnichenko Pavel Romanovich) have been opened. In 1977 the ensemble of dance of "Irendyk" has received a rank "National".

The second director – Rozalija Anvarovna Samigullina (1978-1981). The Art director – Kiselyov Nina Stepanovna (1978-1981). At student's club the folklore ensemble "Tausen", KVN command «Club 91», the Bashkir theatrical circle and ensemble of a political song of "Avante" are created.

The third director – Valeev Zemfira Rizaevna (1981-1993). Theater-studio "Grotesque" has received a rank "National" (1982). The theater of dolls "Kaleidoscope", jazz ensemble, folklore ensemble "Janguzel", ensemble кураистов «by Devja beauty», chorus, ensemble of violinists, chamber ensemble of violinists, vocal studio, club of fans of classical music, a musical lecture hall, vokalno-tool ensemble "Ant", ensemble of ball dance, ensemble of wind instruments, ensemble of national tools and a propaganda team are created ensemble of a political song "Forte", "Edging".

Art directors: Marina Nikolaevna Garanina (1982-1985), Elina Rinatovna Ermohina (1985-1986), Svetlana Anatolevna Kondratyev (1986-1993).

With 1988 on 1990 the director – Gulnaz Aknazarova, the art director – Larissa Shajhetdinova.

The fourth director – the Honoured worker of culture РБ Svetlana Anatolevna Kondratyev (with 1993 till today). KVN teams are formed: "Cocktail", «Count down», "Kajuk-campaign", "the Kerosene stove", operating modular BashGU «Cafe де Installation», etc., studio of variety dance «Dancing season», vocal studio "Solo", vocal ensemble of "Minstrel", student's chorus, breakdance studio, club of intellectual games «That? Where? When?», tourist club, the Union of creative youth (debate-club, social department "Consent", club of international friendship).

The art director – Elena Sergeevna Tkachuk (with 2003 till today).

On November, 30th, 2006 the student's club has celebrated the 35 anniversary.

From 2007 the collective of student's club constantly changed, except traditional collectives the new open: studio of a jazz modernist style, hip-hop, ethnic ensemble "Oimyakon", a game circle on a guitar etc. For last three years amateur performances collective – the constant participant of "Student's spring», owner Diplomov of the winner of this festival. Especially republican jury hasn'ted a concert of 2009, anniversary for БГУ, year.