About the project

The project “Particles Research in Russian, English and German” is carried out as part of a dissertation study of a graduate student Liudmila Savelyeva. The goal of dissertatation research is to study the functional potential of particles in compared languages.

One of the stages of the project is creation of a resource - a cloud-based data storage dedicated to particles in compared languages. Currently cloud-based data resourse is one of the best solutions for storage and exchange of information, as it allows you to keep and share massive amount of data that can be accessed from all over the world. These functions make cloud-based resourse essential as a research tool. Moreover, files on the cloud-based resourse can be jointly edited by many researchers, which provides more opportunities for international cooperation and unification of approaches. Therefore, we consider cloud-based data storage as a universal tool for accumulating knowledge on the topic of dissertation research, where collected data can be improved through the joint work of researchers and main results can be shared.

The project “Particles Research in Russian, English and German: Creating a Cloud-based Resourse” is supported by a grant of the Academy of Sciences of the Bashkortostan Republic (February 2019). Within the project, a graduate student L.A. Savelyeva became a participant of a collaboration program with Stanford University (Stanford-U.S. Russia Forum), where she presented the results of a dissertation research, met with leading researchers, U.S. and Russia representatives of government bodies and academia representatives. The graduate student has also visited top U.S. universities (The Ivy League universities) - Harvard, Yale, Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT) and other universities to share research result, expand collected data and develop international cooperation in the field of research. During the project, the graduate student worked with materials on the research topic in leading U.S. libraries (Yale University libraries, Harvard University library and other). The main results of the project are posted on the cloud-data resourse.