Project news

Stanford: results of group research project

Within the Stanford University program, PhD student Liudmila Savelyeva also took part in a group research project aimed at studying the role of culture in international relations, in particular, in Russian-American relations. In a group research project, culture was presented as universal channel of interaction between countries.  »»»

Meeting at the Russian Federation Embassy in the USA

Within the Stanford University program, the graduate student took part in a meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States, Anatoly Antonov. During the meeting, the current results of group research projects were presented, and issues of international cooperation in the field of politics, culture and education were  discussed.

UC Berkley

The study of particles in the English language shows that it is also necessary to consider materials on discourse markers, as well as “pause placeholders” ("verbal fillers"), since these tools can act as particles when translated from Russian and German into English.  »»»

Princeton University

As part of implementation process of the project, on September 26, 2019 PhD student visited Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey, USA), where Liudmila had a conversation with one of the leading professors of the Department of Comparative Literature, David Bellos. The main results of the conversation with the professor on the research topic are presented on a cloud data resource.  »»»

Texas University at Austin

On September 23, 2019 PhD student Liudmila Savelyeva visited the Department of German language at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). The University of Texas is one of the leading universities located in the south of the US, as well as the largest university in the United States.


Russian State Library

As part of the study of particles in the Russian language, PhD student L. Savelyeva visited the Russian State Library in Moscow. Since particles of the Russian language are case-studied in a dissertation in the novel by M.A. Bulgakova "The Master and Margarita", a PhD student attended a lecture on the first publication of this novel (Moscow magazine, No. 11, 1996), as well as the work of M.A. Bulgakov.  »»»

MIT: Linguistics and Technology

Within the research project, PhD student L. Savelieva visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where linguistic colloquiums led by the linguistic researchers from the US universities. During the colloquium the reseachers discussed the application of cloud technologies in linguistics.  »»»

Harvard Linguistic Circle

In order to study the existing resources for exchanging and storage of the results of modern linguistic research, 2nd year PhD  student L. Savelyva visited the Harvard Linguistic Circle, where the resource was presented by Professor M. Jasby.  »»»

Stanford University: PhD student presentation "Particles in Russian, English and German"

In April 2019, a second-year PhD student, Lyudmila Savelyeva, presented the results of her dissertation research in the report “Particles in English, Russian and German” at Stanford University as part of the Stanford Russian-American Forum. The report contained examples of particles' functions in the Russian language in the novel by M.A. Bulgakova "The Master and Margarita". The presenntation also contained information on how to translate particles into German and English.  »»»

Yale University: Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Library and the Sterling Memorial Library

To expand the theoretical basis for particle research in English and German, 2-year graduate student Savelyeva L.A. conducted work with materials from major libraries at Yale University (New Haven, USA): Anne and Robert Bass and the Sterling Memorial Library. The Sterling Memorial Library is the largest library at Yale University and contains over 4 million volumes, the main of which are devoted to humanitarian research.  »»»